National Networks

CBRC works in partnership with the following national networks:




Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning

The Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning (CACSL) supports, educates and networks to ensure the effective growth of CSL in Canada. Our vision is students, educators and communities learning and working together to strenghten individuals and society.

Community Engaged Scholarship Partnership

Our partnership is comprised of eight universities and an international organization that have pledged to work together to change university culture, policies and practices in order to recognize and reward CES. Our overarching goal is to realize the potential of universities to improve the quality of life for all Canadians through CES.

Research Impact Canada

ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RIR) is Canada’s knowledge mobilization network. RIR is a pan-Canadian network of universities committed to maximizing the impact of academic research for the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of Canadians. RIR members achieve this mandate by investing in knowledge mobilization, supporting collaboration for research and learning and connecting research beyond the bounds of academia. Each member university brings unique strengths to the RIR network.