UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research & Social Responsibility in Higher Education

The recently created UNESCO Chair for Social Responsibility and Community Based Research in Higher Education emerged from and supports the UNESCO global lead to play "a key role in assisting countries to build knowledge societies”.  

The first co-chairs are Dr. Rajesh Tandon, Founding President of the Society for Participatory Research in Asia located in New Delhi, India and Dr. Budd L. Hall, Professor of Community Development at the University of Victoria in Canada.

The UNESCO Chair supports north-south and south-south partnerships and strengthens the Global Alliance for Community-Engaged Research (GACER), a network facilitated by Dr. Tandon and Dr. Hall to influence policy development and to share lessons within key regional and global spaces. Activities of the UNESCO Chair include: 

  • Advocacy and policy development
  • Networking for capacity enhancement
  • Research on institutional structures for facilitating community campus research partnerships