Living Knowledge Network

Living Knowledge: The International Science Shop Network has inspired the community-based research movement in Canada for decades from its beginnings in the 1970's in the Netherlands.

What is a Science Shop you may ask?  The European-based Living Knowledge Network (LKN), the umbrella for science shops, uses this definition: “A science shop provides independent participatory research support in response to concerns expressed by civil society. Science shops use the term science in its broadest sense, incorporating social and human sciences, as well as natural, physical, engineering and technical sciences.”  Henk Mulder is the academic co-lead of LKN and coordinates the EU-funded PERARES Network of Science Shops in 14 European countries.

In fall 2012, a collaborative workshop entitled "Science Shop/Research Shop School: A Workshop to Build Mechanisms for Community-University Research Engagement" was led by Henk Mulder of the PERARES Project; Norbert Steinhause of the Bonn Science Shop and the Living Knowledge Network; and Linda Hawkins of the Research Shop at UofGuelph and of CBRC. The workshop was attended by ten Canadian universities, one U.S.-based university and several community foundations. Resources from the workshop are available on The Research Shop at Guelph's website: