Engaged Practice Learning Exchange

What is the EPLE?

The Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (EPLE) is an international network, sponsored by CBRC and the UK's National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), for those developing practices and programming around community-campus engagement (CCE). We offer space for CCE practitioners to stimulate innovation in what they do. Together, through the EPLE, practitioners:

The exchange (both in person and virtual) is a committed but informal space, with a real emphasis on sharing. It is aimed at and will be facilitated at different times by both university and community based practitioners. 

We cultivate the EPLE through webinars; workshops at international conferences; and a searchable online platform for members’ profiles. In response to CBRC’s 2014 member survey, we are hosting quarterly webinars and bi-annual face-to-face meetings on topics of interest as identified by CBRC members. These meetings are designed for both general EPLE members and for targeted groups within the EPLE (e.g. faculty, staff, administrators). The on-line platform is for EPLE members to share their interests, expertise and inquiries.

Why does CBRC support the EPLE?

People working in public and community engagement roles, particularly those who have several years of experience, are often keen to have some specific time set aside to consider their practice. Engaged scholarship and practice continues to develop and be acted on in diverse ways; we would like to mobilize some of this knowledge base as a point of connection for people coming from a range of disciplines and contexts. We want to see whether this can become a useful and purposeful addition to the work we all do.

The EPLE program contributes to CBRC’s 2014-2017 Strategic Plan to catalyze a national movement and build capacity; advance community-university research, policy and advocacy engagement; and improve communication and networking. 

Who should join the EPLE?

The EPLE is for you if:

Past EPLE face-to-face meetings

The EPLE had its inaugural meeting in November 2013 as part of NCCPE’s annual Engage Conference. Over 20 people got involved, meeting one another, asking questions and sharing opinions. Since then we have held several other meetings including:

Join the community of CCE practice

Sign up, explore and join in! Contact info@communityresearchcanada.ca for further details, webinar suggestions, and questions.



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Marc L. Johnson

Marc L. Johnson

Region: Quebec
Affiliation: Private sector, Academic institution (Socius recherche et conseils, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa)