What we are doing

Since 2008, CBRC has focused on leading and supporting research and policy papers, convening annual CBR gatherings, supporting two CU Expos and developing a national and globally connected community of CBR and community-university engagement leaders. CBRC supported the development of the new UNESCO Chair in Social Responsibility in CBR and Higher Education (held between Canada and India).


2013-2016 Goals

Research, Policy and Advocacy Engagement

  • Provide a bridging function for social and research innovation in Canada between different perspectives, research cultures, disciplines and knowledge production
  • Understand and measure CBR impacts locally and nationally
  • Support policy, development and advocacy focused on public engagement and CBR in Canada
  • Connect local and global initiatives to the national realm

National Movement and Capacity Building

  • Create spaces for learning, capacity building and reflections on CBR theories, methodologies, practices and impacts
  • Strengthen core support for CU Expo’s bi-annual conference
  • Organize annual gathering of CBRC Steering Committee and Membership
  • Develop new CBRC student internship program.

Communications and Network Support

  • Provide e-news, resource and networking opportunities via the website, creative methods and social media
  • Create and connect stronger student, community, campus and local-national-global network exchange

Engaged Practice Learning Exchange

Are you an engaged practitioner? Where do you go to solve knotty issues, explore opportunities and stimulate innovation in what you do?

The Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (EPLE) is an international network for those developing practices and programming around community-university engagement (CUE). We offer space for CUE practitioners to stimulate innovation in what they do. Developed by the UK's National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement with CBRC, we cultivate the EPLE through workshops at international conferences and by providing a supportive online discussion space. Together through the EPLE we:

  • Share knowledge: drawing on both practical and theoretical dimensions of engagement
  • Develop our practice: considering what skills and methods will enhance practice
  • Network and connect: linking up to discuss the ways and means engaged practice is developed in different local and global contexts
The EPLE had its inaugural meeting in November 2013 as part of the Engage Conference to kick things off. Over 20 people got involved to meet each other, ask questions and share opinions. Since then we have run this format at conferences in Copenhagen and Canada. The NCCPE will be hosting the next EPLE on December 2nd, 2014 in Bristol, as a wrap around for the Engage Conference.

Want to be part of a community of engaged practitioners?

Sign up, explore and join in! Contact mlydon@uvic.ca for further details.