OCBR - Community Based Research-CBR Booklet Series

OCBR-UVic is pleased to offer the following four documents in “The CBR Booklet Series”  which highlight CBR concepts, practices and resources. 

1) What is CBR?
2) CBR & Partnerships
3) Creative Methods in CBR
4) Why CBR Matters

We thank Drs. Robin Hood and Catherine Etmanski, Marc Christensen and Pamela Spalding for their research, writing and layout work.

The booklets are downloadable and intended to be widely used and distributed. We acknowledge core support for this work from the University of Victoria Research Services, and a grant from the Vancouver Foundation via the BC Healthy Communities CBR Capacity Building Project. Other Canadian and global CBR resources are available on the OCBR and Community Based Research Canada websites www.uvic.ca/ocbr and www.communityresearchcanada.ca 


Comments and ideas are very welcome. Reply to the Office of Community Based Research at ocbr@uvic.ca