C2UExpo is a Canadian-led international conference designed to:

The conference has been held every two years over the past decade in different provinces,including Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. These conferences strengthen community-campus research partnerships across Canada and globally. These partnerships give community members opportunities to work directly with experienced researchers and give academic researchers opportunities to work directly with knowledgeable community groups to define a problem, conduct research, interpret findings and apply results to bring about positive change. This approach involves creative methods of research that meet community needs and maintain academic research standards. The aim is to produce results that are important and useful to communities, academics and policy makers. CUExpo builds these practices, supporting positive change for communities, campuses, the nation and the world. 

By bringing together community members (including: universities, colleges, government, and nonprofit organizations) C2UExpo creates an innovative learning environment where research, knowledge, and relationships can be shared and cultivated over the conference program. Activities and sessions are diverse, ranging from workshops and art activities to deliberative dialogue, mobile tours, and everything in between.

The next C2UExpo will be held at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia from May 1-5, 2017.