The following are helpful toolkits for community-based research:

Fostering Social Responsibility by Higher Educational Institutions: COVID-19 & Beyond 

Developed by: UNESCO Chair in Community-Bases Research and Social Responsibility, PRIA International Academy & Association of Indian Universities


Decolonization Toolkit and Decolonization Facilitator’s Guide

Authors: Katelynne Herchak, et. al.
Developed by: VIDEA


Power Through Partnerships: A CBPR Toolkit for Domestic Violence Researchers

Authors: Lisa Goodman, et. al.
Developed by: Community Based Participatory Research


Community-Based Research Toolkit: Resources and Tools for Doing Research with Community for Social Change, 2012

Developed by: Community-Based Research Team at Access Alliance
In Collaboration with: Sarah Switzer and Matthew Adams



From Collaborative Research to Community-Based Research: A Methodological Toolkit, 2012

Authors: Elise Demange, Emilie Henry and Marie Préau
Developed by: ANRS/Coalition PLUS