Join a series of live events hosted by the Centre for Community-Based Research. The first is a webinar: “Overview of Community-Based Evaluation”, followed by a discussion.


Rich Janzen
Rich has worked at CCBR since 1996, becoming Research Director in 2004 and Co-Executive Director in 2017. Rich sees research as a tool for social innovation and change – to find new ways of bringing people who are on the edge of society to live within community as full and equal members. Rich has an academic background in community psychology and religious studies. He is an adjunct associate professor at Renison University College at the University of Waterloo.

Rich has been involved in many (over 130) community-based research and knowledge mobilization projects. These projects have focused on a range of issues including immigrants and refugees, community mental health, disabilities, family support, and faith and justice. This breadth of work has involved multi-partner research initiatives, program and systems change evaluation, and needs assessment with direct policy impact. He is author of over 40 academic publications, over 155 technical research reports, and presenter at over 70 conferences.


Joanna Ochocka
Joanna has led community-based research and knowledge mobilization activities for over 25 years. She has been a primary applicant in over 100 research projects that focus on a range of social issues, including community mental health, disabilities, immigration, family support and faith and justice. Many of these studies involved translating research into new interventions. She also trains community and academic audiences about community-based research approach locally and internationally. Joanna sees research as a catalyst for social innovation, for public policy improvements, and for promoting knowledge democracy, in which local knowledge is valued in building local solutions. Driven by her passion and dedication, she promotes community-based research as a tool for equity and justice within societies.

Since 1996, Joanna has been the Executive Director of the Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR), overseeing collectively-led research projects and managing research staff and students. She is an adjunct associate professor at both University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses.