At the current political-historical moment — where fascist and populist movements are on the rise across the globe and where war, austerity, and global climate change are exacerbating inequalities within and across nations — it is hard to remain hopeful about the future of humanity. But it is precisely during historical moments, such as the one we find ourselves in today, that the combined powers of hope and perseverance are required of us: it is essential that we resist the pull towards apathy and inaction. The 2019 Conference theme, Repoliticising P/AR: From Action Research to Activism, is our attempt to enliven a conversation about knowledge and education as mechanisms for social transformation.

This year’s ARNA conference team invites submissions from individuals and groups who are interested in sharing, discussing and improving collective efforts to understand, make visible, dismantle, resist, upset, undo, re-write, subvert, and change the conditions of contemporary social life that create and sustain inequalities. The submission deadline is in April 2019.

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