You are cordially invited to a day-long workshop on the challenges of community based research. Community-Based research and its family of names and concepts such as engaged scholarship, participatory research, participatory action research and more has come into its own as a discourse and practice in many disciplines and fields of practice in most of our universities in English-Speaking Canada. In Quebec, the term recherche partenariale is the most common term used. At the heart of CBR and RP lies the concept of co-construction of knowledge, a collective process of naming the world carried out between academics and community or social movement actors. But as all of us who have been engaged as community activists trying to work with academics or academics learning to work in respectful ways with community groups, CBR is not easy to do.

This day has been provided in order for you to bring your stories of CBR to a space where your questions, issues, frustrations and hopes can be shared. We know that this kind of work is also not a recipe for success and most of us experience lots of discouraging and troubling moments. Bring your real stories! We welcome community members and academics from all disciplines and professional fields. This is the first event ever hosted by CBRC and CASAE at a Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Facilitators: Dr. Cindy Hanson and Dr. Budd L Hall

Location: University of Regina – ED 215 Education Building

Plans for the Day
The plans are evolving as we hear from others who would like to attend. We will continue to adjust and include as we move along. But our initial suggestions include:

1. Getting to know each other and the contexts for our CBR work
2. Some opening thoughts on contemporary issues in CBR from Budd Hall, University of Victoria and Co-Chair, UNESCO Chair in CBR and Social Responsibility in Higher Education
3. Some opening thoughts from a community partner
4. Issues in the practice of CBR – Group work with sharing of stories of CBR and the identification of issues that have arisen from the work that you have been engaged in.
5. Issues in CBR – Sharing from the groups and a discussion
6. Lunch Break
7. Stories of Institutional Support for CBR
a. Community Research Unit- Patricia Elliott, University of Regina
b. Knowledge for Change Global Consortium – Walter Lepore, University of Victoria
c. What kind of platform is Higher Education for partnership? – Dr. Marc Spooner, Professor of Higher Education, College of Education, University of Regina
d. Transformative Learning and CBR-what links? Dr. Cindy Hanson, Professor of Adult Education, University of Regina
8. Circle of Reflection – final wrap with everyone speaking

Registration fee: $20 to cover the cost of the lunch

To Register: Please indicate your interest to Budd Hall at

There is a cap of 30 persons

This Workshop is Organised by Community Based Research Canada (CBRC) and the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (CASAE)

Community-Based Research Canada was begun in 2008 as a space to support both university and community knowledge workers who are doing this kind of work. It is the Secretariat for the Community Campus Expositions (CUExpos), where community activists and academics share their work every 2-3 years.

Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education is the national academic body for the sharing of scholarship in the field of adult education. CASAE publishes the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education.