Join us for this exciting event as we deepen the cross-sectoral and cross-cultural conversation on developing a shared vision of the future of CCE in Canada.

The movement for Community-Campus Engagement (CCE) is growing in Canada. We see this through the increasing federal and provincial government investments in work-integrated and community engaged experiential learning. We see it in the growing commitment to community-engaged, participatory research practices by funders and academics, as well as the increased emphasis on knowledge mobilization and community-impact in research. We also see it in the Canadian conversations, hosted by Universities Canada, the Tri-Councils, the McConnell Foundation, Simon Fraser University, and others, about how post-secondary institutions can contribute to building social infrastructure in their home communities and beyond. For Carleton University, the institutional host of the CFICE project, the influence of this national movement for CCE is evident in its tag-line: ‘Here for Good’.

The central question is, how do we create and support the CCE movement in ways that remain truly rooted in community needs and priorities, and which maximize the value for all partners? This is the question that motivates Community-Campus Engage Canada, an emerging network and community of practice.

On June 20, you’ll engage with diverse voices who are part of advancing Canada’s CCE movement. Featuring leading academic, funding, civil society, and government thinkers, we’ll explore why equitable CCE is important, how it can and should work in the various rural/urban, provincial, and Indigenous contexts in Canada, how funders fit into the CCE movement, and how Canada’s CCE movement aligns with international partner networks.

For more information, or to register for this event, please visit the CFICE website.