Community-Based Research Canada

CBRC Annual Planning Meeting

In late April 2019, CBRC held an Annual Planning Meeting for its Board of Directors in Ottawa, Ontario. After enjoying a lively welcome dinner on April 25th, seven Directors met at Carleton University on April 26th to discuss strategic and program planning for 2019-2020. The day was equal parts reflective and forward-thinking. To begin, the Board Co-Chairs guided the Directors through a review of CBRC’s existing strategic goals, value propositions, and previous activities. They explored current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as challenges and successes of the previous year. From there, the conversation turned to the CBRC mandate and strategic goals, which were originally drafted in 2014. Throughout the meeting there was a strong focus on the key functions of CBRC and the changing state of community-based research in Canada. With these in mind, the Directors felt that updates to CBRC’s foundational documents were needed and a small working group was formed to draft recommended changes.

The Board will work towards updating the CBRC mandate and strategic goals and offering refreshed program activities for the year ahead. Four sub-committees are being formed to take action on CBRC mandates. The Board of Directors is confident that the dialogue started in Ottawa will result in a suite of services and activities that meet the needs of CBRC members and foundational documents that reflect the current goals and priorities of the network.