What We Do

What we are doing

Since 2008, CBRC has focused on leading and supporting research and policy papers, convening annual CBR gatherings, supporting two CU Expos and developing a national and globally connected community of CBR and community-university engagement leaders. CBRC supported the development of the new UNESCO Chair in Social Responsibility in CBR and Higher Education (held between Canada and India).


2013-2016 Goals

Research, Policy and Advocacy Engagement

  • Provide a bridging function for social and research innovation in Canada between different perspectives, research cultures, disciplines and knowledge production
  • Understand and measure CBR impacts locally and nationally
  • Support policy, development and advocacy focused on public engagement and CBR in Canada
  • Connect local and global initiatives to the national realm

National Movement and Capacity Building

  • Create spaces for learning, capacity building and reflections on CBR theories, methodologies, practices and impacts
  • Strengthen core support for CU Expo’s bi-annual conference
  • Organize annual gathering of CBRC Steering Committee and Membership
  • Develop new CBRC student internship program.

Communications and Network Support

  • Provide e-news, resource and networking opportunities via the website, creative methods and social media
  • Create and connect stronger student, community, campus and local-national-global network exchange


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